“Diary of a Spiritual Midwife” by Sunni Karll 12/22/09-1/8/10

“Diary of a Spiritual Midwife” by Sunni Karll 12/22/09-1/8/10

Last night, just hours after sending that email, i connected with a friend from Kauai who is my age and is also great friends with my son, bryce.  His thing is Communities! and he wants to create community in several places in Ecuador.  He is an amazing mind.  Bryce is an amazing overseereer to building and they will work together on this Community.  SB just fits in beautifully and are very alligned.  so things took a turn for Ecuador last night, just by having others to hold hands with.  Michael also speaks about gathering 18 others he has met who are aligned and
will take part in Community.  So that is what happened last night.

There are already 3 major pieces of land that they are looking at, and one is 2000 acres, another 500 acres in mindo, and one down in Cuenca that is smaller.  So he is playing big and <i feel he is someone who you will enjoy and respect.  Bryce will be down to see them in a few weeks so things are moving ahead.  I will be down to see him and Penny, his wife, in about a week.  Our feeling about working and living with nature is aligned, I think I am more looking for the pristine.  Anyway, its good.

As far as the buildings / land finances, a big house of American tastes, but not ostentacious, will end up costing 80,000. dollars and i felt 150,000. was to be land.  This will be less if there is other land around for protection and silence.  By joining hands it saves. Its also  much more interesting a project, as many of the 18 people are teachers who are interested in creating a conference center kind of thing.  So its a whole different ballgame that we can enter into but not have to do it all.  I must say i feel much relief.  And more than that , i feel jazzed at the ideas and that it is feasible.  I will be going south after meeting Michael, TO MEET THESE 18 FOLKS. (cAPITALS HAPPENED BY THEMSELF!)  Ok I get it!

So thats all for now,  Mull this over and see how it feels.

early november
Before I came down here, I was given an idea to create a food bar for pregnant women for the baby´s nutritian, and i found that nutritian is very poor. The thick black braids of the indiginous men and women hang down their backs.  But babies are born with wispy hair and it doesn´t seem to come in any more.  Some babies have great shocks of
hair though.  Coke and tootsie pops are constantly in the mouthes of babes and children and adults!  Even fruit juices are “ënhanced”´with sugar.  Many schools feed the children protein for they only get white bread and white rice at home.

I found out that Breast feeding is stopped at 7-9 months and when talking to a mom i said that in the US, fewer babies are born when mamas nurse longer, this mama said, “oh no, longer feeding makes the
babies angry and spoiled.”  But the partera said that typically “the milk goes bad´” or dries up.    All nutritian.   Then <i found a 15 year old picture, of a mom nursing a 4-5 year old so this is a new response.  One mom who i thought was 32-36, was actually 22 with only one child.  The Indiginous are used to extreemly hard work.

I saw the food bars for all indiginous peoples, going right around the world.  I was even given the name.  And <i just scored the right person in the right area to grow the main ingrediant – organic sunflower seeds!  I see it as a women´s cooperative for economic stability as well as helping the babies and mamas.  Everybody is excited by the idea and are wanting to help.  Its magic to talk about this and the Sanctuary here, because there is so much juice!.  so my question to you is,   what could be added for the most mineral impact? I keep coming up with Spinach for the vitamin k for baby and mama, for not bleeding at birth, but what else would have a variety of minerals?  then <i will research what you suggest with what grows locally. (Sherry had lots of great suggestions)

New years morning breakfast, i met two people who asked me to spend the evening with them.  In Cayambe, the area that is ringed with mountains, I moved hostels to a hotel and new years eve was spent in the home of a gentleman horseman and their best friends who all love horses.  It was interesting to take part in the typical celebration.  Finger food was served constantly untill you were stuffed.  I understood none of the talk.  At midnight, under a huge full moon for the 5th day, the dummys, stuffed lifesized manikins made for every person, dressed with old clothes of the year  were  lit on fire. This was to let go of everything that you were ready to let go of.  (Some men truck drivers really got into it and placed a banana in an appropriate place and tied the dummy onto the front of his truck.  I guess the banana was burned too!  What a big let go! )

I spent the next days with this family, a 74 year old grandfather with Emphesemia, a 5 year old adopted boy who was fathered by a local priest, and the mom Anne and dad Vladimere both Ecuadorian.  They took me to  their farm, and the new farm they will rent, where they will grow the Sunflowers for the food bar.  A stunning farm with mountains that go straight up on 3 sides!  I stayed at a hacienda of an italian family, also horse people, and had the best country italian food i have ever had.  the land lords  are wanting to get pregnant and were full of questions and interest.  I am blown away at the people i am led to, and all the enthusiasm that talking about this creates.  That
was the third couple from staying at this hacienda, 4 days in their hotel and the best food in Ecuador = 62.00.  They completed my stay by saying to me,  “if you have any emergency, call us.  We are yourfamily now.”

I have been rerouted to go South to talk to michael in Cuenca instead of going to the beach in the north.  so i leave tomorrow.  Feels like something is being drummed up!

Love to you all,

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