“Healing The Woundedness” by Rose Scherschel

“Healing The Woundedness” by Rose Scherschel

As one discovers they are pregnant many emotions begin to surface and only that birthing goddess along with their partner will come to understand the wisdom that lies within them for this baby coming into the world. Often times we discover many emotions have to do with our own events in life, or belief systems that define who we are. For many people suffering is a belief system that is considered part of life. What if we discovered as humanity that suffering is not really needed to thrive in life. What would change within us? How would we get out of bed every day? Would we still go through the same routines that we do now? How would we give birth?

What I learned as a child was not to acknowledge the pain, the lack of love, therefore I learned to be strong and take in much pain and hurt in my life creating a body that could not feel. I was walking around in life pretending who I was instead of being who I am. Physical pain as well as emotional and spiritual pain comes through the same body. Peace could not exist because my head had to always be creating the next scenario of the “suppose to be” instead of living in truth at the moment.

Sometimes in realizing that one can come from joy old wounds begin to surface. I believe this is the old patterns, ways of life letting go from our being. Wounds come from many sources throughout our lives and long to be healed long after the visible hurt. Wounded ness stops the flow of love from running through our body. When we are wounded our body goes into contraction and we hold our breath.

The young children being born today are asking us as adults to pay attention to our wounded ness. The children are singing, dancing, playing, loving and they are mad at what the “walls of pain” create. They want to move freely and yet walls keep creating hurt and pain and they do not know how to get around the walls. They try to penetrate and know the softness but cannot get to the love. They want to be treated with respect and held accountable to life’s lessons of growing and creating something new. They want the freedom to be partners in this evolving transformation of humanity and the world.

The children know the oneness, feel it and yet the adults surrounding them hold the love hidden within and the children feel alone, and become fearful again. The children begin to learn that they must figure out the “game” if they are to exist. Asking themselves what are the rules that I must play by in order to survive in life because thriving is not an option. History repeats itself the wounded ness continues. We feel less. We care less. We speak not from our own soul/our own truth. We speak from the wounded ness of survival and we try to cover up the pain with many outside sources so that we can say we are happy. Are WE?

Opening our hearts creates an opening for the wounded ness to heal and not carry it forward. Children coming into the world today have little tolerance for untruth. The children today are asking us as adults to heal our hurts, to let the walls down. Are you ready to let go of the walls of pain and let love run through you creating peace? Can you visualize yourself being cuddled with wide-open arms not judged just loved? The children are waiting for open arms of love let’s give them a chance to be their best possible selves and thrive here on Planet Earth by healing our walls of pain. Joy is our birthright!!!!

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