Listen Just Listen

Listen Just Listen

By Barbara Essman

January 17, 2010


I listen, just listen.  I don’t judge, this is not my journey.

I listen just listen.  I don’t interrupt, I don’t interfere this is not my journey.

I listen just listen, with love, compassion and respect.  That is my journey

Learning to listen is a life time of work.  Begin by learning to listen to self.  When self says stop, going too fast, eating too much, over working, do you listen?  Nah!  I keep going, fun is fast.  Crash!  I should have listened.  I’ll just have one bite of the double fudge chocolate cake.  Oh my, that was a whole piece.  I should have listened.  I will work the 60 hours this week and accumulate some comp time then I will have a way to take time off.  I have been working 60 hour weeks for 6 months and now everybody expects this work load from me.  Am I really a supper hero?  I should have listened.

Next learn to listen to your children.  Start with your unborn baby who has so much to share if we just listen.  Instead we want to prod and poke mother’s belly with needles and ultrasound.  The machines and the fluid-filled needles are now doing the listening.

Listen to your newborn, she will tell you so much with a grimace and a sigh and a crinkle of her nose.  Listen and watch and you will learn all about your newborn.

Listen to your toddler say “no!”, and “I won’t”, and “me do”.  Listen and respect this person’s – little as he may be – need to separate and move away as he continues to cling to the comfort of mother’s lap.

Listen to your teenager when she says, “but mom – dad you don’t understand, I can handle myself at an all night co-ed, sleep over party.”  Listen and hear your child’s plea for help in finding herself in a world that expects so much so fast.

Listen to your partner and really hear the words of love that may sound less than loving.  Listen for the softness of compassion that may be buried in the day-to-day stress of getting by in this changing world.  Listen with your heart and not your head.

Listen to your friend and let this friend finish the story before you move in with yours.  Listen and hear the perfection of the story and don’t try to fix anything.  This is not your journey, it is not your story, but it needs to be told, just listen.

Listen to the bird that sits in the tree every morning and serenades you with love.  Listen to the frogs that croak at night to the beautiful background songs of the crickets.

Listen to your own heart that is pleading for a quiet moment with you to just listen to the steady and never ending lub dub   lub dub   lub dub   lub dub.

Listen, just listen, don’t judge, don’t interfere, and don’t interrupt.  Listen, just listen and you will hear so much, especially in those moments of silence.

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