“Diary of a Spiritual Midwife” by Sunni Karll February-March 2010

“Diary of a Spiritual Midwife” by Sunni Karll February-March 2010



I went to Vilcabamba in late January, since things happened that made it clear that I was not meant to go to Mon Peche,  “the Hawaii of Ecuador,”  I’m homesick, Pooh. I am directed to Vilcabamba.  Vilcabamba is a pretty little town, but I knew it was not where I belonged. It’s like a little America, a collection of gringos who are all very interesting with fascinating past histories, but sit and talk all day.  It was fun for two weeks.  The first day, my feeling was, this land is not nourishing.  However, in 2 days there I meet Sienna, a 60 something woman who writes on the clearing of the patriarchy from the cellular body so the Feminine can flow again.  www.Stealingthemoon.com     We have interesting talks and she later hands me a book that I glom onto, called, The Sacred Matrix, by Dieter Duhm. It is an incredible book about what a very conscious community in Spain has gone through over 25 years to be an incredible focus of world peace.   It shows us that we have the same community passion.  I read the book and feel my world expanding during the 2 weeks it takes me to read and take notes and integrate it.  During that time we talk deeply.  I feel called to leave after ‘hermitting’ throughout this time reading, and I find out that the day I am to be in Quito again, one of the people who has been at the Sacred Matrix book’s community for 25 years, called Tamera,  flies into Quito too!  I might have let it all go if it were not for this synchronicity.  (And meeting her was something special.  One of the most authentic people I have ever met, so I knew they are doing something really well.)

Sienna at the last moment, comes up to Quito too to meet her and decides to travel with me to find land for community, for who knows what this fuller vision of community really means now and does it include more than I understood previously??.  Community has expanded for me since reading that book.  I feel that Birthing is just a part of something much bigger.  And it is.  Sienna comes to Mindo with me.

February  first week

In Mindo there was a piece of beautiful land that I saw.  Did I describe it before?  115 acres with a river running through it, and two big islands, and a hostel, a stable, a place for raised beds, flat lands with boundaries of steep mountains with its forest still in tact.  I was so jazzed as I walked just the 40 acre flat part with springs on it.  I was so excited.  But that afternoon I felt depressed!  What is going on?   I hear, “this is the 2nd best land piece.”  I ask, what is piece #1?   and hear, “keep looking.”  I have found what has been my desire for how many years?  And I am to let it go?   So I let it go.  That night I am inwardly rewarded for this and so much is so much easier after this.  Our guidance is such a kind benevolent being that always looks out for our best.

We hold up in a hostel because of pouring rainy season with intense mud and do what she calls Feeling States to remove undigested materials from the aura and energy system.  At that time, a past life floods me that I saw in the 80′s and remember quite well.  It was about a hunchbacked ugly dark man who walked funny, who caught me by the hair and put me in a cage on wheels pulled by a horse, took me to a town far away and used me as an example to them that they would be killed too and all their families and townspeople if they did such wretched things like be a midwife.  I was killed and so were my people and son who ran behind the cage the whole way.  The past life was remembered in detail this time but I remember it from before too and especially for some reason remember the ugly man.  Her experience is that we came out of the light, and from then, went back and forth each lifetime, vying for power and killing the other one.  Days Later, the words “arch rival” come to me and I realize that she is it, and that we have done this rivalry thing forever and ever.  I send up a prayer to bring it to balance this time.

The rain is oppressive and I know there is another land calling. A friend in Mindo lends me her car till she returns from the states in a month.  We go to where it is sunny and a higher elevation and to a good hostel, Peguchi, outside of Otavalo.  I meet a couple from Chile who are both counselors and we talk long into the night.  In the morning I get a note slipped under my door since they left early, that said,

“When you find it, I will come and help you.”

Love Cristine.

Its Carnaval, and it gets wild at Carnival time so we can’t stay where we were, and there is not a room to be had because we leave a day later than I was told to because of the sKype call with you all.  We find a place for too much money but in the morning, in between many typical songs of Spanish dancing music, John Denver’s ‘Country Road’ comes on and I say to her, “Let’s hit the road”, and she said she was just thinking that too.  We had heard the world INTAG 3 times that day before, so I thought that was where the next step would be.  That morning, all I am getting is to “go to a lake,” no direction and no city named Intag can be found.  We start to a lake outside of Cotacochi wondering a lot, and in an hour at a lake, there is a V and a toll person I talk to, to ask where the town is.  It’s not a town but a big area!  and the other side of the V will take us there!  We are at the top of the mountain going down in the thick fog, the cloud forest.  We get to a stunning town, in the midst of sheer peaks, Apuela, and at that town is an extreme sport bike race where 150 international riders and cameramen come for the start of the race.  An American man, Dale, comes up to me and said he saw me here last year!  Well, no, I’ve never been here.  The American group he’s traveling with, Gary and Linda, my age, and Scott and Holly, 39 and 28, and Sienna and I hit it off, so they suggest a hostel a few miles away.  They are residents of Ecuador but have only been here for 4 years.  Scott and Holly only months.

That night I’m asked why I am in Ecuador, and talk about Sacred Birthing and they tell me about land in a place called La Mana which they consider a most spiritual place in Ecuador where ancient artifacts and stones have been found in a 300 ft cave that chart the whole world, and the water has gold and silver in it.  And then the Scott said he had always felt it would be the right place to birth his children when he has them!!!!!!    They say they will take me.

Feb  19

The next morning they were leaving to go into the Rainforest.  I jumped on taking a trip with them – by a three hour mule ride!  The rainforest is exquisite with a diversity that is unknown in our western brains and visions.  So many things growing and the air quality has never been experienced by us.  The closest similar experience to this is being in the Redwoods.  Here, you can breathe in a way that you can’t any other place.  It actually feels like the forest is breathing you.  An amazing feeling and I feel like so much of me physically heals just being in the presence of this being, the Busque, or Rainforest.  Circulation, respiration, lungs cleaning out, clearer thinking.  An incredible feeling.  The river beneath is absolutely Emerald green with clean white rapids and breathtaking.  We see slews of tiny orchids and huge Copal trees with their distinct and cleansing smell.  Oh I am so glad for having taken this trip.  However the oil companies and mining companies are creating a road cutting right through this most pristine area and in another year it will be finished and will change this area forever.  We visit an American man who stewards 15 thousand acres of the forest and has created a hostel for this experience.  Bless you Jose.

Back at a hotsprings soaking sore muscles, we decide to go to Cotocatchi where this group is from, to do more feeling states, which I am committed to doing the three weeks it takes to move through this with her.  And there, I can think of nothing else but La Mana.  I soooo want to go to this land and they have taken it on to get me there!  Thank you Scott and HollyMa!  They are leaving for the states in 9 days so it’s a quick decision that 4 of us go in my little tiny car, finding Cacao, vanilla bean orchids and cinnamon tree babies along the way to bring home and plant.

FEB 24

The land around La Mana is so fertile that everything grows.  Fruits, veggies, huge piles of everything are waiting to be bought, sold, shipped to other areas in the countries, or shipped around the world as the mountains of bananas and plaintain attest.  Here again is rainforest, but most has been cut down except on steep slopes to create banana plantations that stretch for miles.  We come into town and go meet a friend of Scott’s, Jose and his daughter who really gets what I have come for.  The first day, we are taken to a farm of 800 acres, (do you know how big that is???) that is for sale and has many springs on it.  People are panning for gold there!

The next day Jose takes us to the shaman’s home who took this beautiful water to many countries to be tested and evaluated.  It was found to have an incredible mineral content.  This shaman learned about this water and shared his knowledge with a neighbor woman, L, who, when he died, did not protect the water but tried to exploit it by selling it out of the country for huge profit.  BUT, Gary, Linda and Scott were there at that moment, the day before this transaction was to go through and asked a simple question to L,  “Don’t you think this water should go for something better than money?”  Her hesitation from their question in that critical moment was what stalled and eliminated the deal.  She also, I am told, did not protect the artifacts that he was guided to, but sold them to Europe.  His land has some of the rocks and artifacts in a museum and 5 pyramids in a formation on his land.  They are laid out as he was told to do, to bring in wisdom from the stars. Scott was making an offering. I stepped close to the first pyramid and received a download of the shaman himself. The next one was of nature energy, the next was the star being’s energy, then the elements, and the last was Pachamama, the Earth Herself. Each gave me an invitation to return.  And when I got to the last one, the heavens opened up with thunder, lightning and lots of rain!  Arrangements were made for me to return as often as I liked and soaked but full, we walked back to the car.  I know I will return, and make plans for a room in a hostel.

By the way, La Mana, with the accent on the NA, means, Abundance here, but it is so wonderful to me that it is a Hawaiian word, meaning Life Force or chi or Universal Energy.  GO SEE WWW.HUMANRESONANCE.ORG and click on Water, and Earth and follow the many links all about La Mana.


We return to Cotachachi, Feb 28, I return the car to my friend in Mindo, and find myself sick with diarrhea for 4 days, staying sacked out in a lovely hostel with an Angel nurse who brings me herb tea and crackers.  I’m thinking I must have eaten something bad, but realizing finally that I was drinking the La Mana water the whole time and I must be purifying!   Very strong purification it offers.

I am now in Quito at Bernarda’s and Sabastian’s home, a skyscraper apartment house on top of 1500 ft cliffs of Quito, that has the most stunning view and looks down the valley and river and town of colored houses with curving roads and over to green hills, a most amazing home.  Bernarda is Sacred Birthing rolled up into a little powerhouse of a woman.  When I met her she was saying the words that I would use to describe birth.  She is 30 and helps mamas in the hospital and at home.  Her experiences unfortunately, are the very same as ours are, since American birth has infiltrated everywhere.  She is a doula extrodinaire who has taught me so much and now I feel she was my reason to be told to go to Mindo.  Her whole family is involved in SB Ecuador, an Aunt to translate what I write to the lawyer, a brother in law who is stepping into being an administrator and knows 4 languages, and a cousin who is the Lawyer!

So the reason I know that the land is found and acquired before it even is, is that instead of having a scanner on land in my head every time I rest, I am building round homes on a community!  I see how and where and know how it is to unfold!  It’s happening this time!

So let me tell you what I have been given:

For years I know I am to create a Birthing Sanctuary for the birthing of a new humanity.  And I get that couples are to come for a year, not months.  At various times starting in the 90’s, I also knew that the ways that birth a baby will also birth a human into another dimension:  Ascension.  Lately I hear that the Sanctuary is for this too.  I know I am being given one piece after the other.

Then I am given that what I am to do is a business, and the business is for building eco homes.  OK I think, we will build our own buildings and that’s a great thing to empower the men and women.  Or, women are placing their attention more on the art of creating a baby/birthing. Then it turns into creating a school. It becomes a school for Indigo young people, a school for leadership and empowerment that teaches those who will be the teachers.  Those who choose to be parents some day. We teach so that you remember who you already are.  And you will then teach others too. We teach you that you go teach in your home country.

So to teach and have them refine themselves in La Mana will raise their energy and conception will occur in a higher way.  We teach a revised SB Doula course for homebirth, which includes Birthshop 1 & 2; we eat organically and plant and grow a garden with the perma-culture ideals. We learn and build our own home.  We teach the inner work of letting go of the ego wounds and the pain body so that every relationship is just our own mirror and becomes a gift.  We teach energetic healing, energetic integrity, using your third eye, maintaining balance in these amazing times with many versions of Sacred Technology.  When birth happens, it is a home birth and that is totally a part of this culture.

This is our community.  And this ability to act now is the reason that it must happen here and not Kauai.  Kauai will not loosen its rules on land use till its too late and then there is not time and materials to do enough then.  Here we will get started on the garden immediately and then the first clusters of pods.

Planetary Leadership School for Indigos couples,

Lifeskills for Teachers.

Suggestions on a title?   for the web page?  And another short one that is catchy that becomes what the town knows us as?

This allows us the ability to get people visas to enter and stay in the country.

So the school for parents is what is happening in the time as their baby grows.  And, they go home empowered in life, with the ability to be self-sustaining and be able to teach others. This is how SB spreads as grass roots, without the hierarchy: one mama and papa each telling others, sharing their experiences and teaching what they learned.  This is the Sacred Birthing Sanctuary.

March 5 2010

So many thoughts!

Those who will be permanent staff will have their “Anastacia” Kin Domain, and there will also be a roving staff that can come for weeks or months to live and share their specialty and return home.  Always best to think of this as a few year stint as it reduces the overwhelm.  And it may be!  At some point in time, there will be many who come here and we will receive them, and that too will be orchestrated beautifully.

Oh my Goddess it is finally happening!

I thank you all, Sacred Birthing Kauai, for your incredible energetic holding and helping me along the way.  This was harder than I ever thought it would be, but Everything has been given before or at the moment I knew it was necessary so it was never heavy.

And I know it was my own purification that made it hard.  If you only knew what I have moved through as the land got closer and closer!  (But I know that is true for you all too)  So I am grateful for that opportunity and as usual, that is custom made, just for my own growth and clearing!  I look forward to not eating in restaurants.  And sleeping in my own bed with my own pillow!  Such little and easily fulfill-able requests are in my near future!  This trip has drastically reduced my consumerism and ideas of what is needed in life, and grown my appreciation of others, no matter who they are.  Its so amazing that language is so very important, so if you feel drawn to SBE, bone up on Spanish, for these people are so dear!  They wear their hearts outside their chests and so want to interact, that you will want to commune with them, and not just to get your needs met.  Tuesday I will go back down to La Mana to find our land.

Be well,  I love you,


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