“Diary of a Spiritual Midwife” by Sunni Karll, March 28-April 6 2010

“Diary of a Spiritual Midwife” by Sunni Karll, March 28-April 6 2010

La Mana to Cuenca

March 28, 2010

OK, so this is the scoop as of March 28.

In the last 3 weeks, I spend 7 days and 14 trips opening a bank account! and buy a car. (Do you know what a big commitment to living here buying a car is?)  But how do you look for land without a car?  I drive south 15 hours, through stunningly beautiful land on terrible roads under construction, to La Mana, north 11 hours to Ibarra, and south again 19 hours to Michael’s south of Cuenca, getting lost in 2 towns.   Always own a GPS in Ecuador!

I went to La Mana and arrived there at 5 pm to a great bright rainbow with one foot landing in the land I was to ask about!  The Equinox was to be the next morning and I got up in the dark to be on the land at 5:48am.  I headed out of the hostel in my high, trusty royal blue car, and found that the gate was locked.  I sat there wondering what to do now, thinking that I should have realized this would be the case and requested that this be unlocked last night.  The cuitadoro, the caretaker, appeared right when I was going to give up and I thought, “OK all is not lost yet”, there is still time to get to the land before the time.  I started down the roads of this banana plantation and found that I was deep in the maze before realizing I missed a turn.  They all look alike and I thought I could find my way, but alas.   When I realized that I was hopelessly lost , I stood in the midst of the bananas and did my ceremony.  Not lost, for I could see the mountain where I knew I was supposed to be, but the roads did not lead over there!  Soon I let go of what I had planned and just opened to looking at what I was being shown.  I was seeing slavery, and had experienced the plantation owner the last trip, and this was being acted out in our time.  Oh how naïve am I.  The people were not happy, they would not look me in the eyes, they hung their heads, the children looked scared and wary, without laughter or smiles.  They all looked resentful and far from trusting.  After snaking through many roads and tiny communities of worse than indentured servants, I found the right road and took it up the hill.

I went straight away to the Shaman’s home where the pyramids stand and had an incredible meditation that erased 2 hours, unbeknownst to me.   I just remember that it was powerful and that it felt like I had this beautiful shaman’s energy around me as a friend.  I felt that I was being supported in a big realization.   I drove down the hill directly below the shaman’s home and came upon a huge land mover with great claws scraping into the land, trees and stream.  It was the land baron’s, the banana plantation’s owner, who had gold miners stationed all over his land panning for gold in the streams.  When more than usual was found this huge machine was sent to cut into the land, trees and all, and rape and pillage to get to the veins of gold.  (You could see these veins everywhere as you walked, this land was so rich.  You could just dig your fingernail into the rock and you would have gold flecks under it.)  I walked in to see what was going on and felt sick:   Here, this smoking beast had cut open a huge gash in the forest.

I went back to the hostel and lay in bed for the rest of the day feeling such an array of emotions and trying to make sense of everything. There was no way that babies would ask to be born into such slavery and hopeless, forlorn consciousness; into such disrespect for the land, nature, water and minerals.  I knew that this man would never change his ways.  I knew that I couldn’t stand being a neighbor to this contempt of nature.  The water’s consciousness was perfect and such an incredible gift, but I realized that what the land and people held was just as important.  I did my own inner work of slavery and being overpowered, being in greed and overpowering.  I asked that the land be cleared and prayed for the people to find other choices.

Jose and Fernanda offered me the Shamans house to rent.  What exquisite energy and I would have loved to rent it, had things been right.  They knew what I said was true and that it was not possible to carry Sacred Birthing out here.  They cried at the loss of what they hoped would come into their town to shift this energy.  They were so hard to leave.  She knows as much English as I know Spanish, but even without language, our hearts were one in such a short time.  I love them so much.  We cried together as I left.

I drove 11 hours back up north, being called to another area north of Ibarra that I was surprised to see grew sugar cane!  Oh Aloha!  Glorious green plants swaying in the winds, but also burnt and smoking fields filling your nostrils.  I kept driving, looking and driving on, for there was again, the grand haciendas and shacks.  But here, the workers were black and were cutting the cane by hand!  Such hard work and long faces.  Again I was being shown slavery in this day and age.  I inwardly did what I was called to do and drove to a hostel next to a hot springs, where other black people owned a sweet place of cabanas and had their community  who lived together, with each person responsible for different aspect of the hostel’s running.  Good karma.

To complete this saga, I went to see the people who first told me about La Mana, and told them about my experience there.  They surprised me by saying that they were dealing with the same issue.  That someone they did not even know had just treated them in a totally disrespectful way, and expected them to work “like a slave” and they had passed on this email so now the community was all aware and taking part.  And you all?  I would suppose that this is up for many people.  And as I cleared it all, there was such a definite difference in the quality of my guidance and life.  Whoopee!


So, was all this driving just for this slavery issue?  Because I am being called south again and wish I had just driven more south when I was already mostly there, being in La Mana.  I am called to Cuenca, beautiful Cuenca, that I once described as, “It looks like the Alps in summer time”  Beautiful HUGE 12,000 ft intensely green mountains plunging down to little rectangles of different colors, farms of different grains growing, making patchworks of colors in the lower regions.  I am drawn to an area north of Cuenca called Riviera, up a tiny awful road, and finally get to a good road that goes to the top of the mountain and onward, but by this time the clouds have come in and I can see nothing, so I descend.

I call Michael and Penny (from Kauai, also in the south Cuenca area) and make arrangements to visit and hold still for a time.  He is a realtor, and is working on creating an intentional community.  I get ‘lost’ going the last 5 kilometers and end up in an incredible town at the top of this mountain, called Asencion!  There I meet an 87 year old man who so proudly shows me around his tiny town.  The church is most impressive, but on it is a gilded picture of the annunciation with Mary and the Angel Gabriel! That’s not the ascension!   Am I mixing up these words or what?!  Anyway, there is “agua crystilina”, beautiful crystal clear gushing water coming down from the mountain, and everyone looks happy and well satisfied.  They wave and smile.  We talk in Spanish!!! And I understand him!  Mostly! He talks nice and slow.  He tells me that May 1 is the festival of Freedom, when the Patron was overthrown and the land broken up and given to the people.  He tells me that there is not a bad person in the whole community.  Wow, what a statement.

That night Michael shows me a picture of a piece of land right above his house, in the mountains that takes my breath away.  Ok, so I will go explore further.  Sunday morning I go again to this tiny town and this time keep going past where the man showed me.  Here is this big incredible rock mountain that rises out in the middle of the most beautiful meadow with 3 crystalina streams coming through it and knoll after knoll of the most perfect places to build little pod homes.  And I suddenly remembered what I had been told so many times – there will be a rock face!  Could this land be it?   This place was so inspiring, and what else does one wish to be born into and live in?  Surely, a place that inspires!  I sit on the hill at the side of the road to feel it.  It is delicious.   But I am told this would be a great birthing sanctuary but is not the right place for the school AND birthing sanctuary.  I’m told that I was taken here so I would recognize the place where I am going tomorrow:   back to the place where the fog rolled in.   So what do I clear tonight so that I am ready tomorrow? I think I will rent a house up in that little town.  And learn Spanish there. Stay tuned.

For the next two days I am sicker than a dog.  Seems all the fried foods that I have eaten, the typical Ecuadorian food, has caught up with me and my gall bladder has gone on strike!  Blessed Michael and Penny make me raw juices and get me back on my feet by day three.  They also introduce me to a clinic that gives O3 treatments and I now have a mode of healing all that is going on in my body!  Cool!  So I guess I am not to rent a place up there.  Humph.

So what DO I know?

Shanoan, an old buddy from years ago, joined up with me 3 weeks ago to help SB grow and will be coming TO LIVE HERE in 4 weeks.  Far OUT!

March 30.

Yesterday Viviana, from Ecuador, someone who knows her work is with children but knows not how or what, calls and says they were guided in a meditation to join with SB.  And my first thought is, “Oh yeah, but where will they stay?” William is from Oz, and is a nature spirit, belongs in the garden and can’t wait to get there, and 2 year old Emanuel has been calling my name since I was there 3 weeks ago. Good Friday is the day I was going to explore the land I have been drawn to 3 hours away.  Viviana knows and asks that I have the help of Sananda to find it and clearly know that it is it.

I’ve had to just STOP since things so drastically changed to make sense of what’s next.  I checked into a hostel at the hot springs at Banos.  It’s such a relief to hold still and have high speed internet, something we so take for granted in the US.

April 6

Viviana called again and I told her that everything changed over Easter weekend so it did not make sense for her family to join up with me.  Guidance now is to put all emphasis on preconception instead of the school or birthing sanctuary. She said they had no agenda except to follow their guidance in every moment and to do what nature suggests. She said it did not matter what I did, that their guidance was to join me.  To me she holds an incredible piece for these children, to create a place to protect their light.  The pieces are going together.  Two properties adjoining, one for each aspect.   Creating energy to protect conception, birth and the children.   I spend 3 days catching up on computer stuff.

Alec is pregnant and having twins!  What a remarkable thing!  No twins in the family but still it occurs and from a very high vibration conception!  And what a time to birth 2 babies.  Oh my goodness.  I get to go play with her and go help her!  So that must mean I’m coming back to the states!  Wow, that means that all my paperwork will have to be in order!  So many find details that the Universe must handle and not me!  Bless you Alec and Ryan.  July 22 is the due date, for your info since that doesn’t mean a thing.  Thank you dear Anastacia and Carole for responding to her as you did.

Time to move on.  I feel called to west of Cuenca and head there in the morning.  So is this more inner work?   More pieces to put together?  Or could it possibly lead to the land?  It all leads to the land, so relax and enjoy it Sunni.

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