Doula Training Course

Doula Training Course


Doula training prepares you to:

  • Support families to remember the Sacred in all birthing environments
  • Share the honor of birth with parents by empowering and supporting their choices
  • Explore your own birth experience to understand its effect on being a doula
  • Learn many skills to guide parents through pregnancy, labor & postpartum times
  • Become a Certified Sacred Birthing Community Doula

This Sacred Birthing Doula Course will share the joy and wonder of birth through stories and years of experience. Because this wisdom is inside us, this course reawakens your knowing about this amazing passage, and empowers you to be trusted by parents.

By re-experiencing your own birth, you will discover how your whole life is modeled from what happened at your birth. By seeing this yourself, you will KNOW that every baby is conscious at birth. And from this place, your presence as a doula can transform birth.


Be a birthing sister. Uncover your inner birth wisdom to take part in this new paradigm of birth. By becoming a Community Doula, you help birthing mamas and families, and are an integral part of our birthing community.

The course is taught throughout the year in Kauai.  Contact for dates.

Barbara Essman guides this journey. She has been a doula for 20 years longer than the word has been recognized. Follow the links on the menu to the right to browse the Course Description or to know more about Barbara.