Lotus Birth

Lotus Birth

“Lotus Birth lengthens the peace of the womb.”
Ana, mother of 4

It is time for babies to be born in wholeness and stay whole. It’s time to practice birthing techniques that support the innate radiance of our babies and protect their innate Oneness. Lotus Birth is a choice, a gift from parents who recognize its significance.

The first step toward a Lotus Birth is to allow the cord to stop pulsing before cutting it. Amazing transformations take place in the body of the baby as she morphs from being a water baby into an air world. When baby opens her eyes for the first time, all eyes and hearts satisfy their longing that all is well.  Mother is flooded with relaxing hormones. Her relief speaks to her hormones, who speak directly to the placenta, as if saying, “Your baby is safe and well.”  With this knowledge, she relaxes, the placenta completes its work, releases and the placenta is then ready for its own birth.  It only takes 10-15 minutes. It is not necessary to hear the typical scream that accompanies the cutting of the cord. Often within two minutes, the cord starts to feed baby progressively less oxygen to gently encourage her to breathe on her own. There is no need for a baby to scream.

Taking this a step further, Lotus Birth is not cutting the cord at all. Lotus Birth softens the birth experience and allows birth to go back to a safer, more natural state.  Like water birth, there seem to be only positive effects of Lotus Birth on a baby and her family. They are all unseen and can only be felt. Keeping the cord in tact means that baby and placenta stay on the altar of the family bed, visited only by the closest of family and friends.  This keeps baby in the security of the family and slows down the pace of life.  Nobody goes shopping with a newborn and placenta in tow!  In fact, a mother does little more than go to the bathroom anyway.  As the cord is kicked off, baby is gently showed around the house and maybe to a few close friends.  In appropriate timing, baby is taken outside and introduced to the stars and moon, sun and rain.  These first few days set into the mind of parents that life happens in perfect timing, according to baby’s readiness.  By watching baby’s reaction, parents do the right thing at the right time and encourage baby to grow in her own timing.

When people hear about Lotus Birth it always creates a reaction.  Most are fascinated at hearing something so different and say immediately, “That feels right.”  Walk in with openness and see how this feels to entertain it for your baby.  Understanding its benefits and wishing them for your baby makes the decision easy. Would you like your baby to experience these gifts?  If so, the logistics will easily fall into place. Ask your baby before labor and decide if lotus birth is her path.  It takes this commitment to make the care hassle-free.  This advance commitment seems to be felt by your baby as a high level of security when taking in her first breaths. Keeping the cord in tact allows the baby to hold her full vitality and radiance.

For babies to be born to parents who honor them with a Lotus Birth means that as a generation, we are completing this epoch of separation and moving into Oneness.  The babies being born do not need to experience separation as their core issue, as so many of us parents have had to, and so, they draw to them a different birth.


Cords have been cut in hospitals for so long that no one gives it a second thought.  It was originally created for the purpose of using less time in the delivery room and less of the doctor’s time.  There is no physical benefit to cutting the cord for mother or baby. It is unnecessary and can be quite harmful.

Immediate cord cutting was instigated for hospital scheduling. It was for the purpose of quickly moving mother out of the delivery room in order for the space to be cleaned and set up for the next birth. Cutting the cord and draining the placenta of blood hastens its detachment from the uterus to complete the birth in record time. When that did not work quickly enough, pulling on the cord was sometimes resorted to, with the added disadvantage of causing pain to the mother, and often creating hemorrhaging, where there would have been none. Cord cutting perpetrates the idea that even normal birth requires medical help. This frantic need to immediately cut the cord is one of the mystiques of modern birth that create a false sense of fear in birth.  There is no hurry to cut the cord, or even to cut it at all.

Mythia, a medical student told about Lotus Birth wisely said:
“Well, think about it. Say you are back in the times of the cave man. If you didn’t know anything about birth and you saw a baby born, and in a while this other thing came out and the baby was connected to it with a cord, you would never think of cutting it for fear of harming the baby. You would then see the cord fall off in a few days leaving the baby free, and conclude that this is what nature intended.”

Although the original purpose was to clean the delivery room, a recent purpose is what makes this procedure totally life-depleting for baby, and that came with the discovery of Stem cells. Stem cells are a gift to your baby to repair anything in need after her journey of birth. They are made in the umbilical cord and are highly concentrated in the last of the cord blood that goes into your baby. With the modern day directive to “harvest” the Stem cells in less than a minute, your baby’s Stem cells are quickly on the way to a lab to be frozen and sold.  Stem cells in the cord are headed to the brain and then go to the rest of the body to accomplish whatever else is necessary. It’s up to you if your baby’s Stem cells go into your baby, or go to the lab, and its all determined by how long your baby stays connected to her cord and placenta. In the hospital you must take a strong stance to keep baby attached for 10 minutes, until all pulsing stops. At home it’s not an issue. You’re in control.