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Sacred Birthing: Birthing A New Humanity by Sunni Karll


Chapter One: Birthing The Whole Being

“We need to create a new being who has a maximum capacity to love.” – Dr. Michelle O’dent

A sacred birth is truly for one purpose – to birth a child in a way that can best preserve the essence of divinity that accompanies each new being. Babies are wise and conscious beings. Babies born to conscious parents are capable of incorporating a greater amount of their soul energy in their body than many birthing practices allow. Babies conceived in love need birthing practices that reflect that love, practices that protect the integrity of a newborn. There are ways to give birth that recognize and support this integrity. The way babies are conceived, born, and raised is crucial to their future and essential to creating peace in our world. Sacred Birthing is an exploration of the spiritual, emotional and physical principles behind birth in order to retain the essence of the soul expression of a baby. When this is accomplished, the Sacred is restored to the art of birthing and the essence of the newborn is preserved. The babies I helped to birth taught me that babies are far more than just the tiny body they present visually. They taught me about the soul, the vibration of consciousness that enlivens the body. They taught me that taking utmost care of their body is the best care for the soul, for only a pristine body can carry its full divinity. These babies showed me how trauma made their bodies constrict and be less of who they are. When the nerves of a newborn constrict with fear or pain , they shut down and are not able to carry as much soul essence as is offered, and so, must grow their capacity through life. May we be awake in our treatment of the newborn and acknowledge that our treatment at birth does affect them. Sacred Birthing is a result not of statistics and research, but of my own research into birth through the avenue of my midwifery experience and the inner guidance I call, “Spirit”. Of all the births in which I helped, there were a dozen or so that were most significant. These babies showed me enlightened principles to practice to protect the needs of their souls. They showed me how we can best serve every newborn by shifting priorities to uphold the highest level: consciousness. When the highest is preserved, all else is in alignment. Parents can offer their baby a conscious birth commensurate with the wonder and reverence they innately feel it to be. A birth designed and prompted by nature supports the mother’s body to do what it knows so well. By becoming clear about the many choices presented for conception and pregnancy, you may work towards creating the birth that your own baby encourages you to discover. The intention of Sacred Birthing is for each family to explore these possibilities, to find and move toward what feels right and valuable for you, your baby and his birth. This book is a work in process, written at the request of many babies. When writing Sacred Birthing , I learned about the Divine Feminine, a being I would come to call, World Mother. I learned that World Mother attends every human birth in the world. She oversees the transition of each soul, sustaining the mother and encouraging the baby’s soul and body. I learned that unseen helpers of spirit and nature are vital components, always included in the process of conception, pregnancy and birthing. We humans are not able to fulfill these acts of creation alone, as they are a cooperative melding of humanity, nature energies and Spirit. Asking to work together consciously in these mystical processes enhances conception and birth and broadens our understanding. Birth can be seen in its wholeness when a spiritual perspective is included.


From the greatest Intelligent Principal of the universe, to the myriad helpers of each individual, to the unseen intelligence behind every natural process and living thing, there is a force that creates, ignites, orders, grows and supports. It is within all things and there is nowhere where it is not, for the manifest realm is made up of creative intelligence or consciousness that is simply more dense than the un-manifest. Numerous people believe in a higher power and order in the universe. This higher pattern of coherence is what many call, God, by one of many names. This coherent force of God is in all things and is the deepest kernel of who we are. By our intention, prayer or request we slip into its force field to take part in Creation. Offering love synchronizes us with these forces of Creation . Love is the unifying harmonic wave that weaves between all things, nourishing both sender and recipient. Love offers this power of unification wherever we place our attention. When we place loving attention on the creation of our unborn baby, we stimulate his or her unfolding. Baby’s essence is enhanced when the love of the parents meshes with this force field of God. We affect our field of existence by offering our energy of love. This is how we create within our very own lives and bodies. This is how we heal ourselves, and how we become one with the flow of Divine energy in order to most easily give birth. Opening to the loving Essence of the Divine and asking for help with the hidden mysteries within conception, pregnancy and birth is what Sacred Birthing is all about. Whatever you feel your Source of guidance or belief to be, as you read, translate the word ‘Spirit’ into the word that suits you. It is not the word, but the inner act of asking for help that is most important. Working consciously with your spiritual Source invites this stream of divine purpose and allows this energy to flow in a much greater way. By consciously and continually welcoming your spiritual guidance throughout your childbearing year, an interaction opens that supports new ways, ways that include the highest aspects for the purpose of conscious evolution . Working cooperatively with Spirit and nature opens us to all the available help inside us. It takes no more than a silent request.


What is our true purpose when we consciously ask to conceive? Why do we take responsibility during pregnancy to do our very best for our baby? Why are we concerned about protecting our baby from trauma at birth? All our dedicated care is to allow our baby to stay in touch with his divinity, his original essence or soul intention to know who he is as he grows. Our intention is that our baby is not wounded . Any wounding withholds his inner knowing until resolved, for it is not possible to be in the mode of growth, when in the mode of protection. When unharmed, a baby is born as the pristine being that he is. Without harm, a baby’s intention for his lifetime is clear and known to him. Without harm, a baby’s natural impulse isto act on his soul’s intention and the reasons he chose to be born. Without harm, a newborn knows what he needs in every moment. A baby can know this at birth, and retain this memory when his soul wisdom has not been interrupted. This requires that mother is fully conscious in the process of giving birth and is not energetically depressed by the action of drugs, for this also depresses the baby’s body vibration. If the baby-body is depressed, it is only able to accept that depressed equivalent of its soul vibration. This means that the baby will spend a great part of his lifetime recouping the vibrational excellence that could have been his from the moment of birth. Softbirth and your loving presence support the meshing of soul and body at the vibration the soul intends. When loving presence is held, birth is sacred. Taking delicate care of conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond, creates and holds a precious space of energy that protects the innate radiance of each soul. It is a souls’ choice to be born consciously and also our reception of them that determines whether or not their full radiance is able to shine. When we acknowledge that our every action matters, that every thought creates our next feeling and impulse to act, we will be open to seeing the level of our influence that affects our unborn and newborn. Our loving presence is mandatory if we wish to receive our babies in their fullness. Every child is worthy of this care. With our delicate care, babies can choose how they come into the world. They have placed this awesome opportunity in their parents’ hands, and now, with full awareness we may offer the highest option. Taking delicate care also means that our baby experiences conception, pregnancy and birth positively. The way a baby is thought about and handled, whether in the womb or out, allows him to continue his natural unfolding and initiate his inner curiosity to discover each next moment. Gentle care encourages baby to open to life. When baby expresses physical ease, his emotional and spiritual being are also at ease and the whole being of baby is coordinated and unified the way nature intended.


A softbirth is a birth without pain or fear. These soft ways are not new. They are old sacred ways of Mother Nature, honored throughout time. Out of respect for the conscious newborn, every action must be harmless and grow out of our intention for kindness. At home, where sacred birth is most easily supported, a protective space, loving presence and a patient, watchful eye are all that is needed to keep birth safe. The goal of a midwife is to do only what encourages the newborn to open to life. For parents, it is their inner preparation that creates safe birth whether it happens at home or hospital. When aligned with their baby in every moment, a baby is warmly welcomed with love. Celebration is offered instead of management and unnecessary intervention. Baby flourishes from his reception of harmless, kind handling and trusts his new world. Baby understands that we are there to support him no matter what. When a high vibration is created at birth, inscribed upon this newborn is the highest start in life and the slightest blueprint. And, when those who know how to match a baby’s soul resonance warmly welcome baby, additional help is given to synchronize the soul and body in a foundation of utter coherence. As softbirth allows babies to retain their radiance, they will help the rest of us align, release our fear and step into the love that we are. Birth isthe essence of evolution. The gift of a sacred birth fosters peace in our babies, our self, our community and our sacred planet. (Sacred Birthing Insight) (See all of chapter 3, Pursuing Wholeness For Each Newborn.)


The unborn has two distinct levels of consciousness, a soul consciousness and a body-consciousness. The body-consciousness is simple, for its brain will continue to physically mature for years to come. It will take more time to develop mental competence in ways we think important. It may not understand what is presented to the brain. It will not communicate using vocal cords. Apart from its lack of mastery of the body, it is able tofeel what is done to it and make decisions about what is felt. When a baby’s body feels good, it opens to receive more stimuli and the body-consciousness makes a simple decision to continue opening. When the body hurts, the body-consciousness recoils, makes a decision to separate from life, and takes what time it needs, in order to come back into balance after integrating this stimulus before continuing. When the baby body-consciousness is harmed, it is not as easily open to the next experience that life presents. This rudimentary decision to open or to protect is the basis for emotional balance or imbalance. For years babies have been treated as if they did not feel what was happening. Concerning the unborn baby and even to the newborn, it was thought that there was little cognitive process happening that would record or remember early experience. And we treated babies that way in hospitals and even as they grew at home. While thinking we understood, babies have endured insensitivity and pain for many decades from our limited understanding. Even today, babies continue to be spoken to as ignorant, cute little people who won’t remember what is done to them. Imagine the shock when therapy started uncovering birth wounds. When a soul plans to incarnate by determining an interest in living in a body, it creates a life plan and chooses the parents who can best support the life he wishes to live. The soul of the baby has a vast overview of his travels through time and his needs for this lifetime. It is a magnificent presence whose consciousness shines. It is this soul consciousness of the baby that understands and knows. We can communicate with our baby’s soul at any time, in order to see the larger picture, or ask for guidance for our next immediate step. It knows all its needs, and can guide parents to fulfill these. The baby’s soul is immediately present on request. From its vast perspective, it takes part in everything. The soul of your baby is very much a participant with its future body within your womb. The soul, unlimited in nature, has an insatiable hunger for new experience. Anything may be desired, manifested and lived in order to experience the full range of possibilities. Life on this planet is so precious; there is no experience considered bad or wrong. Our baby’s soul takes part both in the vastness of the spirit realm and its future body developing within. This same vastness before conception is available as a thread of consciousness to the unborn and newborn, to the child and the adult. As we grow, this thread is our connection to our Knower, the one deep within us who knows. This unlimited Knower I call the soul. Your unborn and newborn baby knows everything. If we can realize that these two consciousnesses are available to our baby simultaneously, we realize that the baby feels and understands everything, either through the body-consciousnessor its vast soul consciousness. The baby perceives all that happens, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, past and present, seen and unseen. By knowing this, parents and midwives can acknowledge that every one of our actions, feelings and thoughts deeply affects a baby. (See chapter 2, Journey to the Sacred.) The soul oversees birth. Birth’s impact is so extensive, that all emotional patterns found in our adult life are in the environment of our birth because we have brought them forth from the past to heal. Our healing is offered as our intention to be born. And, at the same time, whatever our life offers for us to heal will be found in our experience of birth and the patterns in adulthood. The past and the future are rolled into the experience of birth. Because of this, we are a walking statement of what asks for healing, until resolved. These subconscious energetic fields to be healed vibrate to attract more of the same unhealed incident to us again and again as we grow. When we see a pattern in our life and start wondering why, we start our healing process that not only heals this life, but the string of past lives also connected to this incident. We heal ourselves through time when we heal our life now. Birth is an enormous opportunity to relieve past life wounds by offering love. Our baby will bring forth what needs healing in this lifetime. If love is offered, there is less need for a baby to imprint leftover harm: healing of old wounds happens spontaneously in the midst of potent love. Love can erase the need for a karmic lifetime and offer instead a life of creativity. The newborn moves into a higher coherence. Our job as parents and midwives is to offer love and support this healing so that closure comes to the issue. We mitigate baby’s hurt by our compassion.


One morning, in the early years of writing this book, I was given a dream that foretold a new depth to Sacred Birthing. In the dream, I was in the presence of a king and queen. They were serenely sitting on their thrones holding their newborn. The king gently picked up the baby from the queen’s arms, stood up and handed him to me. As I receive their baby in my two upturned hands, I feel this baby and slowly put my head back, looking up to the sky. I closed my eyes and saw visions of who this soul was and what this lifetime would be. The energy of the soul surrounded me. I felt it tingle down through me. I look back at the baby and realized that the energy in the baby is exactly the same as the energy of the soul. The queen softly said to me, “This, is what a well-born baby feels like. ”This dream was crystal clear, the type that made me wonder if it really was a dream at all. The dream stayed with me for weeks and the amazing part happened at the next birth. When that baby was handed to me to hold for the first time, I felt the baby’s energy, and automatically but unexpectedly put my head back in the same way and felt the soul energy. The two did not match. As careful as I had been, using all the gentle practices I had been taught by Spirit, I still had more to learn in order to allow the baby’s Divinity its full entrance. Graciously, each birth at which I was honored to help gave me the next experience necessary to shift toward this energetic excellence. Each birth opened me to a more profound level of inner communion, moved me to understand birth more deeply, and taught me skills when needed unexpectedly. Ultimately, each shift brought me a step closer to the “well born baby” holding his full entitlement of soul essence.

Creating Sacred Birthing creates Sacred Living, creates Sacred Deathing, creates Sacred Birthing, creates . . .

About the Author

Sunni Karll, Founder of Sacred Birthing

Sunni Karll is a home birth midwife who offers ‘softbirth’ to uphold the pristine quality of each newborn.  These birth practices were developed with the help of guidance to create harmless birth, and support the conscious babies being born in today’s world.  Formerly a Waldorf kindergarten teacher and a Birth Therapist since 1987, Sunni is a mom and grandmom. Sunni migrates with the Whales and lives where she is called.

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