Sacred Birthing Sanctuary

Sacred Birthing Sanctuary

A Sacred Birthing Sanctuary, no matter where it is in the world, is a protected space in Nature, of beauty and stillness that holds only love and trust. It’s a place where parents can come to find peace, walk the Sanctuary’s sacred earth-art and attune to Nature’s wisdom. Women open to beauty. The lilting sounds of nature encourages letting go, and allows mom’s body to do what it knows so well – to open as her heart does. Plants emanate their varying vibration as you wander past, each helping in their own way, be it fertility, physical healing, emotional healing, or birthing itself.  Finding a sunny perch or a shady nook, sit on a bench and close your eyes. Discover what you need to grow on in this moment. Often, it is to BE silent. By taking quiet time in the months before giving birth, a mother moves progressively into places that strengthen her for labor.  A father moves into his full spectrum of being a Man, ever more ready to receive his own baby. Let the smells of the flowers remind you of a time when you were strong and vital.  Breathe deeply, knowing the trust you have in your body, your self and your inner guidance.  This experience will be remembered when labor calls.

The purpose of a Sacred Birthing Sanctuary is to step up the vibration in pregnancy, and even more in the hours leading to birth, that the baby’s physical body may coherently mesh with the higher vibration of the soul.  With the assistance of both Nature and Spirit, birth happens in harmony and the newborn remains in sync with its Divine nature.  The physical body of a newborn is structured without fear.  This creates a new paradigm for human development.  This is Birthing A New Humanity.

When birth is remembered and recognized as our supreme offering to the Earth and to the Divine, we may look for a place of peace that invites a mother and father to relax into birth, a beautiful place in the safety and purity of Nature’s field of birth.  The Sanctuary is designed to help you awaken to the steps your own baby asks you to take during pregnancy. It is by being in perfect harmony with both Nature and your higher dimensions that you can best bridge the transition for baby from his Soul realm, fully into his physical body while maintaining his highest brain wave state. This is the gift of a Sacred Birthing Sanctuary where the energy is held and grows with each birth.

Sacred Birthing is a growing community of people around the world devoted to birthing higher consciousness for the evolution of our world family.  Sacred Birthing is cultivating the vision of Birthing Sanctuaries everywhere, where families are supported to learn how to affect their baby’s consciousness in utero, how to prepare and let go of the patterns that bind you to your past. Parents learn from their experiences and step up in preparation for parenting. When parents recognize this as something that resonates with them, they may feel drawn to come to, or build a sanctuary for birth.

It is time for Sacred Birthing Sanctuaries.  16 years of receiving this growing vision and the understanding of what it takes to hold the energy as babies of progressively higher consciousness are born, is all within me.  If you have land that you feel is calling for a Sanctuary, I will come to you and help you listen to your land’s blueprint to hear and see what is appropriate;  what supports your area’s birthing culture and laws of Nature;  share possible ‘nests’ in which to give birth, and how to know which babies ask for which kind;  create the energetic container for birth on your land;  protect its ’air space’;  hold its energy and anchor it. How do you pull in the many realms who build and hold the vibration for each baby?  How do you work with Nature to insure safety and softness in birth?  How fathers can receive their babies in their own hands.  And so much more.  I offer this to you. If your community recognizes this need, I will come to you, to help you become guardians and grow your own sanctuary for birth.

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For parents ready to give birth, who recognize what is written here, my deepest apologies that this is not yet manifest in time for your baby’s birth.  Your need is eminent and your intense desire for a Sanctuary will help this manifest for those who come behind you. My resounding prayer is that there will be a Sanctuary on Kauai to welcome enlightened babies.